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Our  production  management  is  characterized  by  three  aspects ,  namely  5S  management ,  KPI  management  and  traceability  system.

Shortly  after  the  establishment  of  our  company ,  we carried out the 5S   management activities in the workshops . The 5 S refer to SEIRI , SEITON , SEISO , SEIKETSU , SHITSUKE.  Through these activities, we have done well in environmental sanitation and implementation of relevant rules and regulations in the process of production.

KPI refers to Key Performance Indicator.  It is a quantitative management index to measure the process performance, as well as a basis for the business  performance management.   KPI can make clear the main obligations of a department,  and on this basis,  make clear the index  of the staff's performance measurements.

Traceability system includes the traceability of the raw materials and their historic records, and traceability of each production step and each of staff in the workshop in order to enhance quality control.

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