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We have obtained many important international certificates,such as CE,IEC61215&61730/TüV, UL, ISO9001 and etc.Regarding our module certifications, please click to download.

Internatioan Management System Certificate
TUV-IEC61215 & 61730-Mono   TUV-IEC61215 & 61730-Poly
  Anti-PID Certificate-Mono   Anti-PID Certificate-Poly
  Salty Mist Test (Level5)-Mono   Salty Mist Test (Level5)-Poly
  Dust & sand_Mono   Salt Mist_Mono
  AnPID_Mono   Ammonia_Mono
  ISO9001 SolarIF certificate
IEC62716 Ammonia Test CEC Membership
CE certificate MCS certificate

For American Market
UL certificate ASU certificate

Other certification
Japan JET certificate-Mono   Japan JET certificate-Poly

China TopRunner Certificate-Mono   China TopRunner Certificate-Poly
  CQC Certificate(Mono) 61215   CQC Certificate(Mono) 61730
  CQC Certificate(poly) 61215   CQC Certificate(poly) 61730

ENF Assessed Supplier TUV Report   DEWA equipment list

Chubb Certificate DUST SAND TEST.pdf

Korea NRE Certificate-Mono Korea KS LICENSE-Poly

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