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Ulica solar modules have high  photoelectricity  conversion efficiency and reliability.  Ulica uses advanced diffusion technology, and ensures the uniformity  of  cell's  conversion efficiency, good  electrical  conductivity, good  adhesive force, good electrode  weldability, high-precision  screen printing patterning and  high  evenness. Thus the cells are  easy  for  automatic  welding and laser cutting. The tolerance control of Ulica modules' output  power is ±3%. Ulica's modules have 10 years' material and workmanship guarantee and 25 years' power warranty.Besides, Ulica has obtained many important international certificates, such as CE,IEC61215&IEC61730/TüV,UL,ISO9001,CEC,and etc.

Electrical parameters,  mechanical properties,  work conditions and products  specifications are all concluded in  the product datasheets,  please click to download.
Datasheet for Mono 340W~345W (Half-Cell 156 75cell)    
Datasheet for Mono 370W~375W (Half-Cell 166cell)    
Datasheet for Mono 380W (Half-Cell 166cell)    
Datasheet for Mono 410W~415W (Half-Cell 156 75cell)    
Datasheet for Mono 440W~445W (Half-Cell 166cell)    
Datasheet for Mono 450W~460W (Half-Cell 166cell)    
Datasheet for Poly 290W~300W (Half-Cell 156 75cell)    

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