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○ Division I to the Benelux region's largest photovoltaic power plant project supply 16.5MW efficient monocrystalline module.
○ Our Romanian 11MW photovoltaic power plant project to provide efficient polycrystalline single component.
○ Company Components get the latest anti-salt spray test certificate.
○ Company Components PID testing and access to anti-fire test certificate.

○ Our success in December by a third-party insurance companies Solarif audits, to provide customers with quality insurance products for 20 years.
○ Danish company successfully develop the market in the Danish market to maintain a certain market share.
○ November Our own 700KW Golden Sun project success and power generation.
○ March launch monocrystalline black, black frame components, popular in the European market.

○ Sept. Division I first entered the Dutch market.
○ May I introduce four Taiwan and Spain Gorosabel Secretary automatic welding production line, fully automatic string soldering processes.
○ March to introduce the latest Division I spent a flexible automated battery production line, the company reached six battery production line.
○ February won the Division I Golden Sun Certificate.

○ We had one more production line installed in March, totaling three lines.
○ A project of 4.266MW was completed in Germany in May.
○ Our board further decided to have three more production lines installed early next year.
○ We successfully developed the highly efficient 190w mono-crystalline module.

○ We obtained the TUV certificates for our poly-crystalline modules.
○ Our PV modules entered the Israeli market in September.
○ Our PV modules entered the Japanese market for the first time in November.
○ The construction of our new factory and office building came to completion at the end of 2009.

○ We obtained the IEC61730/TUV certificate for our modules.
○ N-type mono-crystalline silicon solar cell is awarded as a National Torch Program .
○ We were awarded as a National Hi-tech Enterprise.
○ We obtained the UL and CEC certificates for our modules.
○ One more production line installed in November.

○ The first demonstrative PV on-grid project of 20KW in Ningbo was finished.
○ We passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in August.
○ We obtained the IEC61215/TUV certificate for our modules in October.

○ We received our first oversea order from Germany in January.
○ We obtained IEC61215 AULPT certificate (from Arizona State University Photovoltaic Testing Laboratory.
○ The 5S management activities were carried out in our workshops to enhance quality and management systems.

○ Our company was established in August, and the production line was designed to meet the annual capacity of 15MW for cells and 25MW for modules.
○ Our cell efficiency was more than 15.0%.
○ We obtained CE certificate in December

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