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Under the leadership of Mr. Zheng Yonggang, Shanshan Investment Holding Co., Ltd is a large-scale enterprise with large capital as a belt. Its annual sales volume in 2008 and 2009 reached RMB11.6 billion (USD 1.7 billion) and RMB 12.8 billion(USD1.9billion) respectively and its current total assets have amounted to RMB 10 billion (USD1.5billion). The business scope covers fashion industry, renewable energy & new material industry, investments, industry park operation and development, and international trade etc. Now it has two listed companies, Shanshan Share and Zhongkeyinghua and was ranked one of Top 500 Enterprises in China since 2002. In 2009 Shanshan Group established all-round and close partnership with ITOCHU, one of the world Top 500 Enterprise, in respect of management, brand, technology, globalization, etc.

For more  than  20 years,  as a leading  enterprise,  Shanshan  Group  has  always  been  leading the  costume industry in  China.  Since  its establishment, Shanshan Group set a goal "to become the No.1 brand for Western-Style clothes in China" and with a long version firstly and systematically promoted advanced conception and practice in China, such as Brand Strategy, Designer Strategy, Intangible Assets Operation, Multi-brands & Globalization and carried out to collectivizing operation, share-holding reform, get listed and become one of key 520 enterprises fostered by Chinese government and one of top 500 enterprises in China.

Shanshan Group has established durable partnership with many world-famous clothing companies and institutions,  such as Japan 's ITOCHU, Italian FARAO, French RENOMA, France Haute Couture Association and so on which made it the unique Chinese enterprise managing business internationally with domestically-made costume by brand operation and positioning. For the time being, Shanshan Group owns total 22 brands and more than 1,500 authorized dealers all over the country.

In 1999,  Shanshan  Group set its  foot on the road of  diversification towards high-tech industry. Now Shanshan Science & Tech Co. Ltd has become the largest and most advanced manufacturer of anode and  cathode  materials  in  lithium-ion  battery  and electrolyte in the world and owns 4 national  863  Scientific & Technological  Project achievements  and  dozens  of  independent patents and  wins  an outstanding position  in the  global supply chain of lithium-ion battery materials.  It has very  good  partnership with  SONY,  PANASONIC, MOTOROLA,  LG,  etc.  In  the  field of  biological  technology,  Wuxi Shanshan biological technology Co., Ltd got involved in supercritical extraction  for CO2  by merging  in  2002  and  boasts  Asian largest biological    supercritical   extraction    equipment    and    advanced technology.

Shanshan   Group   succeeded   in   entering   financial   investment industry, such as share-holding  Bank of Ningbo and Shanli Futures , acquisitioning and holding Zhongkeyinghua, a listed company.  In the risk  investment  industry,  Shanshan  Group  made  investments in a famous  computer  game  company called Jiuyou Net  in 2003  which has developed  into  a  fast-growing  company  within  a  few years' time.

In addition,  Shanshan   Group   made   large   investments  in  Ningbo Shanshan  Scientific  and  Technological  Pioneer  Park and Langfang Scientific   and   Technological   Valley  as  technological   incubators devoting to building the Chinese Silicon Valley and providing powerful support and growth platforms for new innovative Hi-tech enterprises in China.

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